Privacy policy


Privacy policy


The website (hereinafter mySYNLAB) is published by SYNLAB LABCO GESTION, an economic interest group with a capital of 7,000 euros, whose registered office is located at 60/62 rue d'Hauteville - 75010 Paris , Registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 479 527 327, represented by Philippe Dauchy as Managing Director (hereinafter "SYNLAB"),

1. Object

SYNLAB offers, free of charge to patients (hereinafter the "Users") of the clinical tests laboratories belonging to its network, an electronic service.
This service enables them to acquaint themselves with mySYNLAB of their results of analysis, to print them and to compare their results values over time.

2. Access and use of mySYNLAB

By selecting the "I accept mySYNLAB" privacy policy checkbox, you can log in to view your analysis results, using the communication protocols used on the Internet. Access to mySYNLAB is only possible by means of a personal and unique identifier as well as a password that are both confidential.
Assigned by the laboratory, the identifier is entered by the User who also registers his personal email address during the first Log In, into mySYNLAB. Subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions, he / she will receive his / her provisional password by e-mail. He / she can then identify himself (herself) with mySYNLAB and access the secured part of the site and define the own personal password.
Entering an exact pair of ID and password, certifies the accuracy of the User 's identity with SYNLAB. As a security measure, any access by the User to mySYNLAB becomes impossible after composition of three (3) identifiers and / or erroneous passwords. In this case, SYNLAB disables the access concerned.

3. Obligations of the User

The use of the mySYNLAB site, the information contained therein and any interpretation thereof is made under the sole responsibility of the User who undertakes to use it personally and not for any commercial purpose.
The User guarantees to be the only one to know and use his username and password; It takes all necessary precautions to preserve its confidentiality and the user is responsible for all uses made of it, subject to a declaration to SYNLAB of loss, theft or use by a third party. The User undertakes to immediately notify SYNLAB by e-mail to the address, or by post to the attention of: SYNLAB LABCO GESTION - mySYNLAB - 60-62 rue de Hauteville 75010 Paris, about:
  • Any loss, theft or communication to a third party of its identifiers and / or password.
  • Any fraudulent use of the site of which it is aware.
  • Any error or update of the information concerning him.
SYNLAB recommends that the User's computer system, with which he accesses mySYNLAB, is equipped with effective and up-to-date protections against computer risks (antivirus, firewall, etc.).

4. Obligations of SYNLAB

SYNLAB undertakes to use all reasonable means at its disposal to enable the User to make optimum use of mySYNLAB; it is however held as an obligation of means.
The service provided hereunder will be validly interrupted at any time by SYNLAB for any event necessary for the maintenance of mySYNLAB (i.e. technical control, maintenance, technical update or editorial content ...).

5. Confidentiality

SYNLAB undertakes to ensure the strictest confidentiality to the data of the User during their shelf life on mySYNLAB. SYNLAB will only be able to transmit this information to third parties approved by it, only in the strict framework of technical maintenance of mySYNLAB, like the IT service providers responsible for the implementation of the service.
The User's data will not be used for commercial purposes or transmitted to third parties for any use not indicated herein.

6. Warranty

The medical data concerning the User is available on mySYNLAB and data is provided for information only:
SYNLAB can under no circumstances be held liable for any guarantee as to their veracity, accuracy or medical efficiency. The paper support of these analyzes, which is always available to the user at the laboratory reception, will be the only authentic document, in case of contradiction with the data available on mySYNLAB.

7. Liability

mySYNLAB is only a complementary tool to help the doctor in his overall understanding of the patient; It does not in any way replace its criteria or judgment.
SYNLAB shall not be liable in any way for any reason or for any prejudice caused to the User or to the persons to whom the User would have voluntarily or unintentionally allowed access to mySYNLAB for a fact that occurred outside of exclusive control of SYNLAB, and in particular SYNLAB shall not be liable of damage relating to:
  • The truthfulness, accuracy or medical efficiency of the information entrusted to SYNLAB by the Users or the medical laboratories transmitting to it data, including the contents of the results of medical analysis and the identity of their related patients.
  • Misuse, fault or otherwise, of mySYNLAB by the User.
  • The computer system with which the User accesses mySYNLAB due to any cause deriving from the operation of the system (such as viruses, security breach, spyware, rootkit ...), regardless of the Computer system or the person suffering such damage.
  • Disruption or cessation of mySYNLAB's accessibility caused by a third party and / or force majeure, understood as extending in particular to industrial disputes (strike, lock-out. ...) within SYNLAB or any third party on which depends the perfect accessibility of mySYNLAB.
  • The unavailability or damage suffered because of the consultation of the information accessible from the links to other websites placed on mySYNLAB or sources of information indicated by it.
In any case, SYNLAB cannot be held liable for indirect damage caused to the User or to persons to whom the User has voluntarily or unintentionally allowed access to mySYNLAB and will be limited to the direct harm caused by mySYNLAB under, in particular, any disturbance in the accessibility to the User of mySYNLAB for the sole fault of SYNLAB proved by the User.

8. Intellectual Property

The content and presentation of mySYNLAB (in particular the site code, regardless of its programming language, fixed or automatically generated pages, images and illustrations files, sounds, videos, names, trademarks, logos, databases, software, ...) are, as exclusive property of SYNLAB, protected by French intellectual property law, with the exception of rights that other persons may have over these elements.
Any reproduction, representation, dissemination or redistribution, modification in whole or in part, sale, resale, retransmission or making available to third parties, in whole or in part, subject to the legal provisions or any prior written authorization of SYNLAB, Of the contents of this site on any medium or by any process whatsoever would constitute an infringement liable to engage civil and criminal liability of the counterfeiter.
Any content reproduced and / or disseminated under any legal provision or prior written consent of SYNLAB shall contain all copyright notices, other legends and trademark information appearing on the original, as well as the source ("Source: mySYNLAB"), quoting the URL (URL) of the page and the words "© SYNLAB".

9. Data Security

SYNLAB takes all necessary precautions about the state of the technology and the nature of the data processed and stored in order to preserve the security and integrity of such data and, in particular, to prevent it being altered, lost or that unauthorized third parties have access to it.
mySYNLAB has an SSL certificate that ensures the encryption of all data exchanged between the user's computer system and that of mySYNLAB, in order to ensure the security and integrity of the data exchanged. SYNLAB or its provider keeps all medical data on encrypted, secure and regularly backed up databases that meet the strictest standards imposed for the confidentiality and integrity of medical data.

10. Personal information

In its capacity as data controller, SYNLAB is required to collect from the User and the Clinical pathology analysis laboratories personal data directly relating to the User. These data are recorded in the information systems of SYNLAB and / or its service providers. Electronic data may also be collected and / or deposited on the user's computer system for the purpose of managing its connection and navigation on mySYNLAB.
The User may refuse the use of these files (so-called "cookies") by configuring his Internet browser; In this case, it may not be able to access mySYNLAB. The adherence to the present conditions constitutes the consent of the User to the processing of the personal data concerning him described in this article. Some of these data are mandatory for the processing of User's requests. The collected data are intended to be used in the context of the communication of the results of clinical pathology tests to the User. Indirectly non-nominative data for statistical purposes can also be collected for the purposes of managing your connection and navigation. In no event may these data be used for commercial purposes.
The data collected will be communicated by SYNLAB only to its technical service providers within the limit strictly necessary for the proper functioning of mySYNLAB. Such communications may also be aimed at ensuring the security of computer networks and transmissions or meet legal obligations of which SYNLAB is a debtor.
The User concerned by these treatments has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning him / her, and to request that the inaccurate, incomplete data needs to be corrected, updated or deleted. Similarly, the user has the right to declare such personal data as out of date, and to oppose, subject to a legitimate reason, personal data being processed. This opposition may, however, cause SYNLAB not to provide the service described herein.
These rights may be exercised by contacting the data processing manager by email at or by post to the attention of: SYNLAB LABCO GESTION - Responsible for the processing of personal data - 60-62 rue de Hauteville 75010 Paris. The mySYNLAB system has been the subject of a declaration n ° 1358596 of automated data processing collected by the French National Commission of Informatics and Liberties in accordance with Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, Files and individual freedoms.

11. Evidence agreement

In order to register the registration and the acceptance of these conditions and its future amendments, SYNLAB and its service providers have a computer system storing this information (identification of the persons, principle of acceptance, ...) in a computer database.
The User acknowledges that the declared information will prove to be proof and will be authentic in its relations with SYNLAB and its providers.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This contract is governed by French law; Any dispute concerning him is subject to the jurisdiction of the French courts.